PBRewards is THE Fan Program of the PBR that rewards Fans for their engagement and loyalty with the PBR, and the PBR's Participating Partners! It's designed exclusively for you, our "Toughest Fans on Dirt"!
All PBRewards members are eligible for the following ongoing benefits:

Ticketing & Merchandise Benefits:

* Seat Renewal Program Eligibility

* Ticket Pre-Sale Announcements

* Pre-Sale Discounts on www.PBRShop.com

* Exclusive Merchandise & Merchandise Package Sales

Event Benefits:

* Early Entry

* Opportunity to Win Surprise Seat Upgrade

* Access to Meet n' Greets

Digital Benefits:

* Event Itinerary, emailed to you prior to the event!

* Email Communications of Special Offers and Promotions from the PBR and the PBR Participating Partners

Other Benefits:

* Host Hotel Stays, where available

* Official Digital Membership Credentials

* Printed Membership Card

The primary point earning activities are:
Purchase Tickets through PBR Customer Service or PBR.com - Earn 3 points/dollar spent*

Purchase merchandise from www.PBRShop.com - Earn 3 points/dollar spent**

Participate in the PBR and PBR Partner on-concourse and Fan Zone Experiences - Points Vary

Connect your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) - 25 points

And many more! Check back often for new point earning opportunities!

*Please note that the points only apply to those Ticket purchases made directly through the PBR. Call 1-800-732-1727 to purchase your tickets now!

**Please note that there may be up to a 7-10 day waiting period for you to be awarded for your www.PBRShop.com purchases.
All points must be redeemed within our Prize Store and can be used on a wide variety of items ranging from Merchandise, Event Experiences, Digital Download, Auctions, Prizes and more! Visit our Prize Store and start using your hard earned points! New items are added regularly.
Your PBR.com Username is the email address that is used for your PBRewards Account. If you do not remember the correct email address, contact PBRDirect directly by calling 1-800-732-1727.

Your password is the same password you use to log into your PBR.com Account. If you have forgotten this password, simply click on the "forgot password" button on the log-in screen & an email will be sent to the email address that is used as your username with password re-set instructions.
Yes! On the PBRewards home page, click "CONNECT TICKETS" and enter the email address you use to purchase tickets. Please allow up to 24 hours for your points to appear.
No. Points are not awarded for events prior to the 2016 BFTS season.
No. The PBR will only post tweets on your Twitter feed if a PBRewards member clicks to specifically tweet for points. The PBR will not update your profile.
At this point in time, you are unable to use your points to purchase merchandise at the Event Merchandise Booths, nor can they be used to buy food and/or beverages at the concession stands.

Select PBR Merchandise is available to be ordered, using your earned points, through the PBRewards Prize Store.
Your PBRewards points do expire. They begin to expire after two (2) years from the initial date that they were earned, on a monthly basis. We will send you an email notification no later than 30 days prior to your points expiring, as well as the amount expiring. This will give you an opportunity to sign-in to your account and use these points before they would expire.
Your PBRewards points transfer from season to season, and are not lost if they are not used by the end of each year. The points you earn expire two (2) years from when you earn those points. If you earned your points later in the calendar year, they will still be available to you for two years to redeem and participate in our auctions and sweepstakes. Your total point balance can be viewed under the "My Activity" portion on your profile page.
All merchandise items ordered through the Prize Store typically require 8-10 weeks to process and ship your order. Digital Products/Items are typically available immediately upon redemption, unless noted otherwise in the item description/details. Experiences are subject to the details of each experience, denoted in the experience description/details.
Sweepstakes offered through PBRewards are similar to prize drawings in which you are given a ticket with a corresponding number - if your number is drawn and called aloud, you win the sweepstakes drawing.

For each sweepstakes item you wish to enter, there is a set amount of points that each sweepstakes requires to enter. By clicking the 'enter sweepstakes' button, you are using the preset amount of points required to enter the sweepstakes one (1) time. You may also select the number of times that you wish to enter the sweepstakes up to the maximum number of entries allowed. Points used on sweepstakes entries are not returned if you do not win the sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes winner(s) is/are randomly selected from the pool of entries after the sweepstakes has closed and contacted by phone.
There are two ways to place a bid within the PBRewards auction platform:

1) Place a 'one-time' bid of your desired amount greater than the current high bid in place. Bid must meet or exceed the minimum bid increase amount stated on auction item page. If your high bid is surpassed by another user, you will receive an email notification that you have been outbid and prompting you to place another bid amount.

2) Enter your maximum bid amount that you do not wish to exceed, or, the maximum amount of points that you are willing to use on that particular auction item. Once you enter the maximum bid amount, the auction platform will automatically re-bid for you as other users place bids until your maximum bid amount has been reached. If the highest auction bid exceeds that of your maximum bid placed, you will receive an email notification that you have been outbid and prompting you to place another maximum bid amount. If at any point your bid has been exceeded and you do not wish to continue to participate in the auction, any points previously bid are returned to your overall point balance. If an auction is won and you receive email notification that you have won, points will be removed from your account equal to that of the highest bid that was placed. If a maximum bid was placed and the auction window closes prior to the maximum bid being reached, the point differential will be returned to your account.
PBRewards is an exclusive program benefiting current & active PBR Fans and PBR Ticket Buyers. The PBR may, in its sole discretion, modify or terminate PBRewards and any account(s) within the program at any time without notice; with PBR having no obligation for any outstanding points or unredeemed prizes.